The Smothering Smokebreath is a small mystery class dragon from Dragons: Riders of Berk.

"Smothering Smokebreaths are elusive creatures that prefer to stay hidden.
While not inherently aggressive, Smokebreaths will attack Vikings that intrude on their territory. Rather than breathe fire, these dragons instead exhale plumes of thick black smoke. Being communal creatures, these individual smoke clouds often combine into what appears to be a large fog bank. Many a Viking ship has been scuttled due to these dragon-made fogbanks, which suits the Smokebreaths just fine, as they scavenge the wreckage for bits of metal to use in building their nests.
The Smothering Smokebreaths' greatest hidden ability is actually their supernatural reputation. Entire Viking villages have cleared out at the sight of their unique black smoke, misattributing the haze to ghosts or fjord phantoms. With the village streets and homes empty, the Smothering Smokebreathes then have free reign to pillage for every bit of metal they can find."


The Smothering Smokebreath is small and a bit larger than a Terrible Terror. Like other small dragons, this dragon is also a pack hunter. They create smoke from their mouth in order to fog their enemies and they also steal shiny metals in order to build their nests.

Personality and Behavior

Smothering Smokebreaths are pack hunters. Their most recognizable ability is to create smoke bomb, which makes them very stealthy and sneaky. Although what comes out of their mouth is usually smoke, they can also breathe hot fire. They also love shiny objects, so beware if you have one. They needed teamwork, because a few number of them is very vulnerable.

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