Snafflefangs are Active and fastidious for the Boulder Class and are known to shoot exploding fireballs at enemies (much like the rumblehorn). Snafflefangs have a soft spot for its favorite snack: geodes! Unfortunately, this makes it an easy target for trappers. These dragons are strong and tough during and tend to use their spike-like tail. Their fire is very bright and can easily brighten a darkened room.  Snafflefangs are extremely active and playful among the typical slow and lazy Boulder Class dragons, the Snafflefang is often seen frolicking in Valka’s Mountain and welcoming newcomers warmly. Lump lost his right leg in an iron trap and Lump appears to have recovered both physically and mentally from the loss of his leg.

Attack: 9 Class: Boulder

Speed: 5 Wingspan: 40 ft

Armor: 17 Weight: 2,814 lbs

Fire Power: 15 Length: 30 ft

Shot limit: 6 Fire type: Unknown

Venom: 12 Food of choice: Geodes

Jaw strength: 8

Stealth: 8