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Speed Stingers are a dragon species from How to train your Dragon.

TV series


Speed Stingers earn their name from their sharp red stinger at the end of their tail, which injects a toxin that can paralyze prey and attackers. Speed Stingers can run up to 60 miles per hour, and seeing as they have very small wings (similar to penguins) they have adapted webbed talons for running across water to get from island to island. Speed Stinger juveniles do not have fully functional toxin, which they will not acquire until adulthood. But for the time being, juvenile Speed Stingers can paralyze a quarter to half of a body, depending on the injection site. Speed Stingers can also paralyze their own since they are not immune to their toxin. Speed Stingers travel in packs. Due to their stature, they are stronger in numbers.


The Speed Stinger is a 7 foot long sharp class dragon. Most Speed Stingers tend to be an aqua green with red, beady eyes. Their front talons are similar to Tyrannosaurus Rex, with two toes each, and as mentioned, have webbed toes (though not used for swimming or walking on water). The back talons are three toed (two in front and one on the back of the heel) and have fins on the back above the third toe. The Speed stinger also has a sail on its head. They have small wings, too small to fly with. (as mentioned in the abilities section)

Speed Stinger Alphas are a different story. They are the same aqua green, but have blood red stripes, head sails, wings, and fins. They are also considered as the smartest, bravest, and most maneuverable of the Speed Stinger pack.


  • In Dragonpedia, the Speed Stinger is the Velociraptor of the Dragon World.