"Brutal elder dragons clothed in flame that spit blazing fire. Teostra are of such a fierce and deadly nature that the Guild keeps track of their movements whenever possible."
―Hunter's Notes

Teostra is a male Elder Dragon that appears in several Monster Hunter games. It's female counterpart is Lunastra


Teostra resembles chimeras and griffons from real world mythology. It's main body has the basic build of a big cat, with a head that also resembles a fanged lion. However, while it does have large amounts of red fur, much of it's lower body and tail are covered in crimson scales, with two curved horns atop its head. True to it's draconic origin, it also features large wings.


Teostras have been known for many generations, and the Hunter's Guild actively takes steps to ensure they stay away from inhabited areas. Miners have been known to clash with these dragons on occasion when they stumble upon the beast's den.


Teostra is very hostile and easily prone to aggression, being relentless and very destructive at the best of times. As such, it's best to avoid provoking it unless one is truly committed to felling the monster.


Teostra inhabit volcanoes, where they establish themselves as one of the top predators in the area. However, they are far from the undisputed top predator, as volcanoes are full of tough, fire-resistant mega-fauna, and several more powerful Elder Dragons.


Teostra is as dangerous as they come in the offense department, often using its sharp claws and bulk to attack foes at close range. Teostra possesses powerful fire breath, releasing a continuous jet of swirling flames from it's mouth. The fire dragon also continuously produces and releases particles of highly flammable powder into the air, which the dragon can shape into clouds with its wings, and then ignite by gnashing it's teeth in order to make a series of blasts. When enraged, this powder becomes much more potent, and more adhesive, sticking to enemies and making them walking landmines. The air around teostra glows orange when enraged as well. This powder also allows for Teostra's most infamous attack, the super nova. 100 seconds after rage mode, Teostra will often gather all of it's fire powder around its body and then ignite it to create one massive explosion. Seasoned fire dragons can actually use this attack multiple times in a row, and at a distance as well.


Teostra is weakest to dragon element and water element attacks. However, for all it's offensive power, Teostra is sorely lacking in defense, having very soft scales and skin which becomes even softer when angered.

Teostra's horns and claws can be broken. Its tail can be cut.

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