The Ur-Dragon is a mysterious cosmic entity that is the progenitor and primordial essence of all dragonkind in Magic: The Gathering. The dragon is an immensely powerful creature, its wings capable of stirring the cosmos, its claws capable of sundering ancient bonds, and its bellowing breath capable of stealing the essence of life itself. The dragon has existed since the dawn of time and through its eyes, it sees the deepest truths hidden in the depths of time. It’s roar, echoing throughout the blood of all dragonkind, summons hordes of dragons across the multiverse.[1]

The Ur-Dragon’s influence can be seen across some of the most powerful dragons in the series, with the Elder Dragons on Dominaria being its offspring and the Primeval Dragons of Dominaria each bearing a singular aspect of it. A dragon known as the Scion of the Ur Dragon also bears an aspect of the Ur-Dragon, the dragon believing it is the blood of the Ur-Dragon itself and therefore has the closest connection to its progenitor.[2]


Around 25,000 years in the past, the Ur-Dragon travelled to the plane of Dominaria, generating storms with a beat of its wings that would spawn the eggs of what would become the elder dragons of Dominaria before disappearing into the multiverse. According to a vision, the Ur-Dragon appeared as a massive shadow, a being that lives in betwixt and between, in a place and no place: it is apparently blind.[3]

Card History

The Ur-Dragon card made its debut in the Commander 2017 preconstructed deck Draconic Domination as the commander, the card being reprinted in Secret Lair: Kaleidoscope Killers with alternative art (see below). It has remained a popular commander in the commander format, ranking among the top 10 most played commanders on EDHREC.[4]


Logically, the Ur-Dragon should possess all magical, natural, and technical capabilities of all dragons in the multiverse. 



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