Triple Stryke

Triple Ataque.png

The Triple Stryke is a Strike Class dragon, that is known for its 3 stingers, attached to it's tail. This dragon is hard to train, for it's aggressive behavior, but in the Dragons Race To The Edge, Astrid is the first to train this particular species of dragon. Their colors vary massively but the one that we see in RTTE is brown and yellow, The main choice of food for the Triple Stryke is fish.

Here are the Abilities of the Triple Stryke





Shot Limit:6


Jaw Strength:6



Like the Deathgrippers, the Triple Stryke is clearly based on scorpions. This dragon has three stingers, with each stinger has its own unique venom. The first numbs the victim, the second causes hallucination, and the third gives the sensation of boiling in the victim’s very blood. This dragon is also known to make clicking sounds by wrapping its three tails together. It also has pincers. This dragon is also known to do a defensive roll, since it has armadillo-like plates that protect it from a lot. The only known person in How To Train Your Dragon who has a Triple Stryke dragon is Dagur.

Personality and Behavior

The Triple Stryke is hard to train. Once it is free from captivity, it is not fully calm. The correct way to train it is to make clicking sounds with objects, so that it will follow.


  • Despite the dragon being part of Strike Class it showed signs of being a Sharp Class dragon, as in contrast to the other Strike Class dragons, it specializes in close-range combat rather than ranged attacks. They are also they're described as being very vain and overconfident due to their incredible power, similar to most Sharp Class dragons.
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