Tsunami is a SeaWing royal heir to the throne and is daughter of King Gill and Queen Coral in the book series Wings of Fire. Her sisters are Orca, Anemone and Auklet. She has Turtle and 31 other brothers. She has blue scales and markings of swirls on her wing (Showing that she's from the royal family).


When Tsunami was still an egg, Webs stole Tsunami from the hatchery making her a Dragonet of Destiny. But when the dragonets got captured by Queen Scarlet when they escaped; they were put into a gladiator show where they had to fight another dragon. Tsunami had to fight the King Webs. Since he refused to fight other dragons Queen Scarlet took all water away from him making him crazy. This was before Tsunami even knew he was her father.

What Webs and Tsunami didn't know was that inside the hatchery was a statue from Coral's unknown animus daughter Orca who tried to get her mother's throne at a young age but died. But before she died, she made a statue of her that would kill each one of Coral's descendants as a curse. Webs saved Tsunami from this. But Coral decided to protect her daughters and saved Anemone (Tsunami's sister). To figure out this mystery Tsunami investigated the hatchery and waited for the killer to come. The statue came to life and killed some of Tsunami's sisters and tried to kill her too but in the end, Tsunami destroyed the statue and saved her last sister Auklet who hatched later that day.

But instead of staying in the SeaWing kingdom she had to go back with her friends to the Rainforest Kingdom where they can take refuge from the SandWing queens who want to kill them. At the end Tsunami becomes a teacher at Jade Mountain Academy with the dragonets. (Excluding Glory)

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