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Etymology of My Pseudonym

One evening earlier this year, I decided to download School of Dragons. I had to enter a username. So I entered 'StrikeFury', a pseudonym I had been thinking of using. But that didn't work - someone was already using it. I thought for a few seconds. I then remembered someone I know who uses Shadowstrike as their pseudonym. I really liked that, but of course, I wouldn't copy it. So I thought, "OK, I'll just add 'Shadow' to my username, seeing that this isn't available and 'Shadow' logically comes before 'Strike'". I did just that. But even that had been taken. I thought adding 'Dawn' to the beginning sounds nice. That's exactly what I did. And now that's my unique pseudonym. So here we are: I am DawnShadowStrikeFury.

Sometime in the future though, I might change my name to something, well you know, a bit more original - like SlashDash (because those are the shapes in which my keys accidently scratched my bike).

FavoUrite Characters from the Entire Franchise

  • Astrid Hofferson (RTTE and after)
  • Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III
  • Fishlegs Justin Ingerman
  • Tuffnut LaVerne Thorston
  • Heather


  • Viggo Grimborn

Stay Tuned-In - More Will Follow...

P.S. Do you like my profile? I don't really think anyone will bother to read it. But if you do happen to, you can let me know (if you like)!

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