At the voyage of the dawn treader

E.A.Pevensie 04:21, May 27, 2011 (UTC)

Hi I'm Edward02..I usualy got mistaken name I apologise..I usually edit pages on Thomas the tank engine wikia,thomas and friends wikia,Disney,and Narnia wikia.. It begins on September 2010,when I like Thomas and friends an others.I usually want to learn

more Thomas and others like Narnia,Disneys dragons and other..I know that wikipediaI help,but not everything is there,but it got lot's of words.When I google Thomas and Friens,I tried every single topic they s

History of the golden sea dragon

ay and a wikia thomas then now I saw a website of thomas and friends wikia.It looks like everything is here,exept it's not really th

e people who'd made Thomas and Friends and the others,but I feel like they are and they worked so hard with lo

t's of pages of Thomas and friends..It had mostly everything..EVERYTHING.. I usually learn more about

The golde sea dragons eye

Thomas and friends well most of all.I did saw every page got named "Edit",when I tried it say that I could sign up..I did but I did put my named Nera Pevensie I thought we could only put our real named,but I would usually do EDWARD02 but it was too late..I usually didn't know yet how to edt it...When I had my own profile it was empty,comepletely empty but usually every one fan came to me and told all about thomas and friends wikia...He told me about the talk page..I didn't know were to start usually,I'd learn myself I was afaraid that if I make a mistaken if I start ed

itin a page..I usually don'

Narnia book3.Of the Golden Sea Dragon with a noble rat on him...

t know much yet to talk on the talk page..It was difficult for me,but I did start edit the first page which is Thomas,I start editing, but I didn't know how to start and even edit it.So I came back..

I usually not sure if I could put new page which is even not on movies or others,but I love that story..I don't know what I'm doing but I keep trying to put new page everytime they delee it and how silly am I..I usually did blocked 1 time..But I was still on..Every day I just forgot about editing and I just learned about that wika..After 1 year later which is this year..I had my profile a-bt back..But everything's changing..

Just then I did saw Narnia wikia,which I'm finding it everyday..I did got another profile whch i

Golden Sea Dragon(Eustice-Narnia3 TVOTDT)at the voyage ship on the sea of Narnia

s the same.One fan did gave me a welcome..He talk to me about the talk page,now this time I did look for close if how could I do it..I did first say kind and a-bit message..And I did one edit on Narnia and this time I didn`t blocked out..But the other wikia is still..I usually got one silly page on Narnia which I thought I could edit my username instead being a page..I didn`t know how to delete but the fan says thank you..Then I did saw another page which is new and another Thomas and friends wikia..I edit lot`s of them that the owner thank to me.But I stil didn`t know about editing,sometimes I did the wrong way writing or pictures too..Then I usually like disey so I tried tofind it,and it was on wikia to which 1st I want to see the tangled wikia which is from disney wikia`s....Now I did almost known,but all the way I still didn`t have friends,but like 6 or more fan edit my page..

And another day I did see about dragons wikia..And I was happy how many of my favorite page is on wikia`s..I did learn most but I`m still wondering about my 1st page that had blocked and about friends..And I would still continue what would happen....04:21, May 27, 2011 (UTC)04:21, May 27, 2011 (UTC)~~

Favorite Pages:

  • Golden Sea Dragon-Narnia3(TVOTDT)
  • Night Furry(HTTYD)
  • Hideous Zippledback
  • Montrous Nightmare
  • Dragon

Favortie Dragon:

  • Nigh Furry
  • Golden Sea Dragon

Favorite movie:

  • The Chronicles of Narnia#3"The Voyage of the Dawn Treader"
  • How to Trainyour Dragon
  • Eragon
  • Dragon

Which dragon you would lik as a pet:

  • Night Furry as "Toothless"
  • Golden Sea Dragon as "Eustace"