Hello, I like organising things! I will probably intensely edit this wiki for a week and then move on.

Current plans:

  • Update all the categories in Fiction to make it easier to navigate - DONE
  • Update all the categories in Mythology to make it easier to navigate - DONE
  • Add images to all the Dragonology pages - WORKING ON IT
  • Add pages for missing mythology
  • Fact check missing mythology
  • Add pages for Flight Rising
  • Add pages for the HTTYD books
  • Add pages for Dracopedia books
  • Add pages for characters in the Legend of Spyro franchaise
  • Add pages for dragons from Spiderwick (there already was a page for the Old World Wyrm, need Lesser Spotted Wyvern and Hydra now)
  • Organise all the images into categories - WORKING ON IT
  • Update and acredit as much artwork as I can
  • Find more examples of dragons with different attributes to spruce up the smaller categories

Favourite Dragon Things:

  • HTTYD books
  • Spyro
  • Dragonology
  • Dracopedia
  • Flight Rising
  • Nagas (especially from Indonesian mythology, the winged nagas)
  • Druk/Tibetan/Bhutanese dragons
  • Wyrms
  • Serpentine dragons in general
  • dragon names used in palaeontology
  • Dragon speculative evolution (Flight of Dragons, The Last Dragon etc.)

I read a lot of dragon books