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The Draconic Bloodline is a subclass of Sorcerer available for Sorcerers in Dungeons and Dragons 4th and 5th Edition, the concept originating from the Dragon Disciple prestige class in 3rd edition.[1] Sorcerers of these subclass are distinguished with an associated ancestry with dragons, and gain abilities based off their ancestor. In 4th Edition,[2]Sorcerers of the Draconic Bloodline get boosts in endurance and strength such as being able to gain resistance to one elemental damage type. Furthermore, Draconic Sorcerers can then take the Dragonsoul Heir paragon path, gaining access to magic used only by the dragons from ancient times through the draconic blood developed in their body.[3] In 5th edition,[4] Sorcerers become attuned to their ancestor's element and adapt the appearance of their draconic ancestor, gaining the ability to grow wings from their backs and adapt their dragon ancestor's physical characteristics temporarily to induce awe or fear in their enemies.


In the first years of the world, dragons ruled as the mightiest sorcerers, manipulating their inner magic to unleash decimating spells upon ancient empires. In modern times, few dragons act upon their ancestor's sorcerous potential.[5]

Out of many possibilities, Sorcerer's in the present are said to have gained their power from an immensely powerful sorcerer who had a connection with dragons or even had a dragon parent. Most draconic bloodlines are obscure, although the few that are not are prevalent on the global scale


Fifth Edition

Sorcerers from Fifth Edition are immediately able to read, speak, and write in Draconic, making them more persuasive with dragons, as well as grow scales on their body that count as effective armor. As they progress, Sorcerers become more attuned with the element of their draconic ancestor which allows them to increase the power of their spells that deals the element's type of damage as well as gain resistance to that type of damage. After being able to grow wings from their backs, Sorcerers are finally able to exude an aura of awe or fear while adapting their draconic ancestor's appearance at the cost of their sorcerous power for a moment.

4th Edition

Sorcerers from Fourth Edition immediately gain several powers. They are able to increase the power of their arcane powers through sheer physical strength, can use their physical strength as armor as well as increase said armor when bloodied, and finally are able to gain resistance to a elemental damage type (acid, cold, fire, lightning, poison, or thunder).

Sorcerers of the Dragonsoul Heir paragon path gain a boost in their resistance to the elemental damage type chosen before, increase their armor, and can heal themselves at a quicker pace. They also have exclusive spells: Breath of the Dragon Soul, Dragon's Revenge, and Veil of the Dragon. Breath of the Dragon Soul allows the Sorcerer to breathe out a blast of elemental energy associated with the elemental damage type they resist. Dragon's Revenge surrounds the sorcerer with elemental magic that lashes out at hostile enemies that attempt to harm them. Finally, Veil of the Dragon causes elemental magic to hover around the sorcerer which in addition to lashing out at enemies can be manipulated by the sorcery to manifest claws of energy that can harm enemies.


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