Orkou Saki
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Orkou Saki

TENGU SHREDDER is one TRUE SHREDDER in the our world.He is demon.He born in JAPAN,YAMATO.HE's family is 4 frien.Cickara Shisho,Con Shisho,Yuto Shisho ,Hisomi Shisho and OROKU SAKI (DEMON) is 5 warriors.The king gave them shields.One day the TENGU SHREDER'S (DEMON) words awoke the dark side of OROKUSAKI.ONE DAY THE 4 WARRIOS are finished the greatest evil in the world.HE IS IN 4TH COUNTRY.                                                                              

ONE DAY IN 21TH COUNTRY the shredder is ariven.he and karai are fite in the new york city.later he fite with ninja turtles.he transformed himself into a dragon.LEONARDO,DONATELO,RAFAELO AND MICKELADGELO are had ruined his sleeve and glove.So HAMATO YOSHI cut him into two parts and killled him. 

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