KillRoy231 KillRoy231 23 March

List of stuff with dragons in it: Weakest to strongest

At least according to everything I've seen/played.

Books won't be numbered but will be placed. There are probably many with dragons in them that I haven't read. Harry Potter and The Hobbit books will be paired with their film counterparts.

Not listed due to either having not seen/played them (or, if I did, not in a LONG time):

  • Bubble Bobble
  • Dark Souls
  • Dragon Tales (likely would never interest me)
  • Final Fantasy - IX (at least, on the playthrough I'm watching they haven't appeared yet), X, XII, XV. (I have played XIII but I don't remember dragons there)
  • Fire Emblem
  • Freedom Planet (but I know the main playable character is a dragon so this would likely take fourth spot)
  • Monster Hunter (I know Rathalos comes from here)
  • My Little Pony - Tales, G3, or G3.…
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