At least according to everything I've seen/played.

Books won't be numbered but will be placed. There are probably many with dragons in them that I haven't read. Harry Potter and The Hobbit books will be paired with their film counterparts.

Not listed due to either having not seen/played them (or, if I did, not in a LONG time):

  • Bubble Bobble
  • Dark Souls
  • Dragon Tales (likely would never interest me)
  • Final Fantasy - IX (at least, on the playthrough I'm watching they haven't appeared yet), X, XII, XV. (I have played XIII but I don't remember dragons there)
  • Fire Emblem
  • Freedom Planet (but I know the main playable character is a dragon so this would likely take fourth spot)
  • Monster Hunter (I know Rathalos comes from here)
  • My Little Pony - Tales, G3, or G3.5 (I assume they each have their own Spike but they might not be my kind of show, though G3 might have a fanbase)
  • Pete's Dragon
  • Puff the Magic Dragon
  • The Reluctant Dragon (I hear the first depiction of a dragon on screen)

Anything not on either list, I simply don't know about or forgot. My memory on some of these might be a bit off so some of you might think that some of these should be higher or lower than they are here. I give it extra points if the main villain is a dragon, a major supporting protagonist is a dragon with a presence throughout, or especially - though only the top three fit this - if the central protagonist is a dragon.

Game of Thrones paragraph contains spoilers, and so do some other paragraphs. If you decided to not read particular paragraphs on stuff you haven't seen because of that, you can ask me for a more spoiler-free description in the comments.

Without any further ado...

76: The Swan Princess

In the second film, Odette mentions that Derek used to slay dragons to keep her from harm. Derek mentions fighting dragons in the third film. However, these dragons that Derek has slayed are never shown. (Rothbart doesn't count as his One-Winged Angel form more resembled a giant bat) Mention of dragon battles but never seeing them puts this lowest on the list.

75: Lord of the Rings

If one decides to not count The Hobbit prequel as canon, you know the events of the book still have to have taken place in the past, just differently than The Hobbit shows. Thus, Smaug "the incident with the dragon", will have been Bilbo and Thorin's main enemy 60 years before Bilbo leaves Bag End, but never seen in anything that fits into canon. The Nazgul ride Fell Beasts, which look like dragons but are said not to be them.

74: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel

At the very end of the series finale of Angel, a dragon is seen among the defeated and vengeful Senior Partners' army. Angel will take on the dragon, I think. The outcome of the fight is never shown, and the dragon only appears this one scene.

73: Gex

One boss in the second game is Deadly Dragon. It's not a particularly threatening or actiony boss though.

72: Supernatural

There is ONE episode featuring dragons as the monsters of the week. Only one of them dies (and not the main one), and they do have kind of a significant role in awakening Eve, one of the main villains of the season, as well as their blood being used to forge dragon-killing sword like Excalibur. They are mainly seen in their human forms, but presumably their true forms have traditional appearance. But, only one episode of 327.

71: The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus

A dragon is fought as part of King Mogorb's army before being turned into butterflies or something by the fairies. (It's been a while since I seen it)

70: Charmed

In one episode, Wyatt conjures a dragon from a TV show. The dragon acts as an antagonist in the episode before it's returned, and a catalyst for the Cleaners erasing memories for the true plot of the episode, but still only one episode.

69: The Magic Sword

Main villain Lodac has a two-headed dragon working for him.

68: Marvel Cinematic Universe

In Thor: Ragnarok, a dragon on Surtur's world attacks Thor, but after an extended sequence, he is decapitated by Skurge with the Bifrost when he teleports its head, along with Thor, to Asgard. In the cosmic scheme of a 20+ film series, this is a very minor dragon presence.

67: Maleficent

Diaval turns into a dragon at one point. I forget how significant his role is here.

66: The Chronicles of Narnia (BBC)

In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Eustace is transformed into a dragon, but is turned back a lot quicker than in the remake. Lord Octesian is also turned into a dragon and dies shortly after we first see him.

65: Bomberman (N64 duology)

In Bomberman 64, a dragon named Draco is fought as the boss of Green Garden Stage 4. He only appears the one time and is killed.

In Bomberman 64: The Second Attack, one of many forms the player can turn Pommy into is a dragon. I always go for Cat Type, however.

64: Xenoblade Chronicles

The third to last boss, right before entering the Point of No Return, is Dragon King Alcar, whom you call to a cathedral. He is the hardest boss in the game; due to massive spike damage, no level grinding can prepare you for him, and the technique you can use to block his spike damage doesn't always work, and you might take a lot of spike damage before finally blocking his power.

63: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Czar Dragon is fought as a boss at Barrel Volcano, and when you kill him, he becomes the undead Zombone and you must kill him again.

62: Star Fox

In Star Fox Adventures, Drakor is fought as the boss of Dragon Rock, a humanoid dragon mutated presumably from a SharpClaw, and is sent falling into the lava by Fox.

61: Earthsea

Ged finds a dragon and is able to answer three questions. The dragon tricks him into wasting his first question but he gets useful answers from the other two. It's mainly just for one scene though.

60: Dragon Wars: D-War

This is a major plot point but the actual dragon only appears at the end; there are two Imoogi (snakelike creatures who are not yet dragons but can become them), one good, the other main villain, battling to become the Celestial Dragon; the good Imoogi undergoes this transformation and destroys his evil counterpart.

59: Digimon Tamers

Majiramon is one of the twelve Devas, based on the Chinese Zodiac; Majiramon is the Dragon Deva. Makuramon rides him, but he doesn't speak except to attack, and while he does appear in more episodes than the first eight Devas, he is eventually destroyed by Cyberdramon.

58: Fullmetal Alchemist

In the final episode, Envy turns into a dragon before going to the other world. In the movie Conqueror of Shamballa, he returns, before he is destroyed by Hohenheim.

57: Teen Titans

A Monster of the Week in one episode is Malchior, who was sealed inside a book by the wizard Rorek. He pretends to be Rorek to trick Raven into releasing him, and after a fight, he is sealed back inside the book by Raven.

56: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Rayquaza is fought as a boss. He tries to eat Diddy Kong, but Fox saves him, and the pair defeat Rayquaza. Ridley is also fought as a boss, and again as Meta Ridley.

55: Mario/Donkey Kong

Gobblegut and Fire Gobblegut are fought as two bosses in Super Mario Galaxy 2, and are destroyed by Mario. (No, Bowser is not a dragon!)

More significantly, many years after the death of Bowser and his minions, in Donkey Kong 64, Dogadon is fought as a boss twice. The first time he is defeated by Diddy Kong at Angry Aztec. The second time, after a difficult and frantic battle, he is defeated by Chunky Kong at Fungi Forest. He falls into lava, but survives to report to King K. Rool, and is likely killed by K. Rool for his failure.

54: Kirby

Initially, it seems the main villain of Kirby's Return to Dream Land is a four-headed dragon, Landia, who is fought as a boss. Turns out Magolor is the real villain here, Landia was either trying to stop Magolor's villainy or under the Master Crown's power, and helps Kirby defeat Magolor. But in the cosmic scheme of many games, one dragon as a boss and later an ally is pretty minor.

Ice Dragon is also a boss fought in Kirby's Dream Land 2, and a hologram of him is fought as part of a boss in Planet Robobot.

53: The Sword in the Stone

Madam Mim, during her wizard's duel with Merlin, said not to turn into a pink dragon. She never said anything about purple dragons though – she turns into a purple dragon as her final form for the battle, but Merlin is still able to defeat her.

52: Sailor Moon

Emerald/Esmeraude, one of Prince Diamond/Demande's commanders, is transformed into a dragon by Wiseman and the Sailor Scouts/Guardians fight her, before she is stunned by Tuxedo Mask and destroyed by Sailor Moon.

51: Beast Wars

Megatron, the main villain, is usually a T-Rex in beast mode, but not long before Tarantulas's death near the end of Season 3, he becomes Transmetal II, and his beast mode becomes a dragon. He gets lower than others as he has a lower ratio of time as a dragon compared with the series' runtime and his screentime, and he does not take this form in Beast Machines if I recall correctly.

50: Jack the Giant Killer

The main villain, Pendragon, transforms into a dragon as his One-Winged Angel form for the final battle with Jack, who kills him.

49: Enchanted

The main villain, Queen Narissa, turns into a dragon for the final confrontation before she falls to her doom.

48: Sleeping Beauty

The main villain, Maleficent, turns into a dragon for the final battle with Prince Phillip, and after an epic battle, he kills her by stabbing her in the heart.

47: Remnant: From the Ashes

One of the two possible world bosses of Earth is the Root dragon, Singe. One of the possible dungeon bosses of Yaesha is Scald and Sear, with Sear being a dragon. (They are fought at Warden's Pulpit, at the end of Withering Village)

46: The Biggest Little Ticket

A big part of the plot is celebrating the dragon's birthday, but the dragon goes missing. Near the end of the film they find the dragon, who it turns out can't breathe fire, but with encouragement he is able to. Though he is significant to the plot, he only appears in two scenes near the end of the film.

45: Harry Potter

In the first film, Hagrid wins a dragon egg from Quirrell, which hatches into a baby dragon named Norbert, a Norwegian Ridgeback, who only appears in one scene before being sent to live in a colony.

The fourth film has a more major dragon where Harry has to get a golden egg from a Hungarian Horntail, which he kills while she's chasing after him.

The eighth and final film has a Ukrainian Ironbelly guarding the Lestranges' vault, where Harry, Ron, and Hermione get a Horcrux, and they also use it as their way of escaping when Griphook betrays them.

In the books, it's pretty much the same, but Norbert's role is extended a bit as she bites Ron, nearly killing him, and Harry and Hermione have to smuggle her to Charlie, and this directly leads to their significant detention. Norbert is revealed in the final book to be female and was renamed Norberta.

And the Hungarian Horntail survives after a smoother face-off for Harry, and more detail is given to Cedric, Fleur, and Krum going up against their dragons: The Swedish Short-Snout, the Common Welsh Green, and the Chinese Fireball.

44: The Pagemaster

The main antagonist of the Fantasy arc is a dragon, who eats Richard at one point after grabbing him with his tail.

43: Final Fantasy VII

Three dragons are fought as bosses: Don Corneo's pet Rapps, Sephiroth's minion Red Dragon at Temple of the Ancients, and the two-headed dragon Schizo at Gaea's Cliff. Other dragons are fought as enemies, including Dragons, Black Dragons, and, in the final stretch of road to Sephiroth, Zombie Dragons.

42: Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders

Lady Kale, main villain of the first season and secondary villain of Season 2, rides a chariot pulled by the dragon Grimm, who speaks, but not much. Grimm is killed by Gwen along with Kale, Rufus, and Twig. Other dragons like Sugar and Windy are seen, but in smaller roles.

41: Once Upon A Time

Maleficent transforms into a dragon before she is killed by Emma in a similar style to her animated counterpart. She is revived, and her daughter Lily also turns into a dragon in an episode.

Book: Not Just A Witch

Heckie decides to turn a duck into a dragon as her familiar. Though, she accidentally makes its lower half a worm, making it a dragworm, who turns out to be a wickedness detector that reacts to evil inside people.

40: Final Fantasy VIII

During a play where Kiros is supposed to play a dragon, a real Ruby Dragon shows up, and Laguna defeats it in a minigame with the theme song that would later be used for the chase scene in One Ring to Rule Them All 2. He and Kiros defeat a second Ruby Dragon in an actual battle, then the place becomes infested with Ruby Dragons.

Bahamut is also fought (with an obscure way to get to him) to obtain as a GF (a Summon), and you also have to fight and kill Tiamat, one of Ultimecia's minions, in the final dungeon.

39: Final Fantasy

One of the Four Fiends, the Fiend of Wind, is the five-headed dragon Tiamat. She is the fourth Fiend to be fought and you kill her twice, the second time in the past, and played a part in making Garland - who created her - the overlord of evil that he is.

Also, the dragon king Bahamut asks you to bring him a Rat's Tail as proof of your courage, and powers you up when you do. A Blue Dragon can be fought almost as a miniboss (but every time you enter this area) at Mirage Tower.

38: Final Fantasy III

Bahamut attacks you at Dragon's Peak, forcing you to run from the battle that is meant to be unwinnable (you can win it somehow, but it means you can't defeat him later and obtain him as a summon). Later, when you're stronger, you can fight him at Bahamut's Lair and obtain him as a summon. There is also a rampaging sea dragon named Nepto Dragon, but when you return his soul, he regains control of his body, gives you the Fang of Water, and goes back to sleep.

37: Final Fantasy IV

Rydia can summon Mist Dragon, who can do a decent amount of damage to enemies, and destroys Golbez's Shadow Dragon. Her mother's Mist Dragon is fought as the first boss, after being ordered to kill it by Cagnazzo. You can also defeat Bahamut, the God of Summons, and obtain him as a summon. Two of the bosses fought in the final dungeon are White Dragon and Dark Bahamut.

36: Hyrule Warriors

One of Cia's minions is Volga, a dragon warrior who takes human form. Argorok from Twilight Princess is also fought as a boss, and two of them are fought at Ganon's Castle.

35: Pokemon

There are Dragon Pokemon such as Dratini, Dragonair, Dragonite, Rayquaza, Salamence, and Milotic. Drake's Dragonite is fought as his last and strongest Pokemon during his battle with Ash to win the Orange League. Another Dragonite is deceived by Team Rocket, while Clair has a Dragonair that is her main Pokemon and makes it rain at one point to put out a forest fire caused by the mad Dragonite that Team Rocket tricked. Dragonair is defeated by Charizard so Ash earns his eighth Johto badge.

34: Paper Mario

The Chapter 1 boss of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door is a dragon named Hooktail who ate Koopas and murdered Kolorado's father, before she is killed by Mario and Koops, spitting out Koops's father Koopley, whom she had eaten. Her brother Gloomtail is fought in the Palace of Shadow, and their zombified brother Bonetail is fought at the bottom of the Pit of 100 Trials as a superboss.

In Super Paper Mario, two robotic dragons, Fracktail and Wracktail are fought; Fracktail is the guardian of the Pure Heart who would let Mario pass had Dimentio not caused him to malfunction (forcing Mario to kill him, with Dimentio making jokes all the while), where Wracktail is more malicious at the bottom of the Flipside Pit of 100 Trials but is easily destroyed by Luigi. (At least that's who I use, his Spring Jump is extremely useful)

33: Winx Club

The Great Dragon is significant because he created the enchanted world and his dragon flame lives on inside both Bloom and Valtor, the latter being created with an ember of his flame being mixed with darkness. Eventually Bloom kills Valtor by extinguishing his dragon flame. However, the Great Dragon doesn't really have a presence as he was killed by the Ancient Witches and/or Valtor on Darkar's orders long ago.

Specialists ride dragons. At one, dragons attack Solaria on Valtor's orders, with a brainwashed Sky riding one. Stella, after two consecutive arcs of being left out of the action, finally gets back into it for the first time since she killed Darkar, when she blasts a dragon to the ground, eventually taking a hit from the dragon for her father King Radius, releasing him from Cassandra's spell and getting her Enchantix.

Bloom also goes to Pyros, the Island of Dragons, to become powerful enough to defeat Valtor, and encounters some dragons there. Most are hostile to her, but a speaking dragon named Buddy is friendlier teaches her how to find her inner dragon. When she fights off a mountain dragon with a dragony fire attack, it no longer considers her an intruder because she has "become a dragon". Buddy is revealed to be a manifestation of Bloom's inner dragon and is absorbed into her. Another dragon attacks her afterwards and after hiding from it, she fights it again and kills it with a fireball.

Duman also turns into a dragon at one point. (At least I think; I remember taking note of it once but I forget when and can't back it up)

32: Final Fantasy II

There is a Wyvern who is dying from when the Emperor poisoned their water, but gives you an egg to place into the lifespring, which hatches into a Wyvern that gives you a ride to the Emperor's Cyclone.

Also, four of the bosses you face are White Dragon (at Mysidian Tower), Green Dragon (at Cyclone, shortly before the first fight with the Emperor), Blue Dragon (at Jade Passage), and Red Dragon (also at Jade Passage). Also, one of Satan's generals (now working for the Emperor since he took over hell) is Tiamat.

31: Final Fantasy VI

There are eight Legendary Dragons that were sealed in the earth until Kefka breaks it apart when taking it over, thus releasing them. I think you get a reward for killing all eight of them. They are:

  1. Storm Dragon – Wind element, Mt. Zozo
  2. Red Dragon – Fire element, Phoenix Cave
  3. Ice Dragon – Ice element, Narshe Cliffs
  4. Earth Dragon – Earth element, Opera House
  5. Blue Dragon – Water element, Ancient Castle
  6. Holy Dragon – Holy element, Cultists' Tower
  7. Gold Dragon – Lightning element, Kefka's Tower
  8. Skull Dragon – Poison element, Kefka's Tower

30: Final Fantasy V

King Tycoon (and, by extension, his daughter and playable character Princess Lenna) has a wind drake named Hiryu. You can ride him as your first airship, but there's not much use of him after getting the actual airship, and he sacrifices himself to drive Rift Demon Melusine out of Lenna.

Krile, granddaughter to playable character Galuf (and takes his place after his death), also has a wind drake, which helps her get you back to the castle, and a mission revolves around getting Dragon Grass to heal it so it won't die. Again it's a temporary airship, and unlike Hiryu, he survives.

There is also an enemy dragon, Archeoaevis, who guards the Earth Crystal for the Ronkans, a hostile civilization who worship the crystal, and is one of two That One Boss. Shield Dragons are also fought as a tough enemy, but with the right strategy they can be defeated for massive experience.

29: George and the Dragon

There is a dragon named Adelaide whom Princess Luna becomes friends with, and who is being hunted by main villain Garth, and eventually eats him. The dragon's egg hatches into a younger dragon, Smite.

28: The Hobbit

The main villain is a dragon named Smaug, who took over the dwarves' mountain and stole their treasure hoard.

In the book, his role is the same, as well as the live-action film I don't consider canon (though the events of the book must have still transpired, just differently than Peter Jackson depicted).

27: Monster Rancher

The main villain of the first two seasons (and the final episode of the third) is Moo, whose true form is a dragon with a fox tail. There are also Pirate Dragons led by Vulcan who help rescue Holly from Moo.

26: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Ridley is a playable character. One of many, but I used him for most of it since getting him and killed Dracula with a tail stab. Also, one of the bosses is a dragon, Rathalos.

25: Dragon Ball Z/Dragon Ball Z Kai

The Dragonballs can be used to summon the Eternal Dragon to make a wish. Earth's Dragonballs summon Shenron, who can grant one wish (two when Dende becomes Guardian) per year, and revive multiple people, but not if he's already wished them back. Namek's Dragonballs summon Porunga, who can (until after the Frieza Saga) only revive one person per wish but can revive people more than once. This of course does play a major role given how many revivals and other things their wishes are used for, as well as Vegeta and Frieza seeking the Dragonballs to wish for immortality.

There is also a pink dragon who eats the last Dragonball during the Buu arc, until Master Roshi gets it to throw it up. In the original series, in the Garlic Jr. Saga, Gohan has a pet dragon named Icarus.

24: Game of Thrones

Daenerys hatches three dragon eggs, and names the dragons Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. They becomes her dragons with her as mother to them, and eventually she rides Drogon. However, they don't play a huge role a lot of the time, except near the end where she uses Drogon to execute Randyll, Dickon, and Varys, and to massacre King's Landing. Viserion is killed by the Night King and reanimated until the Night King is killed, and Rhaegal is killed by Euron.

23: Ikki Tousen

Main character Hakufu has a dragon inside her, the spirit of the legendary figure she was named for. The same holds true for Gentoku and Sousou; Sousou's dragon is the main antagonist of the second season, Dragon Destiny. Hakufu's dragon is water, Gentoku's dragon is lightning, and Sousou's dragon is fire. Dragon Sousou is spectacularly destroyed in rainbowfied glory by the power of the other two dragons, making it worth the steep price of admission. (I dislike a lot of the content of that anime and only saw it on a challenge, and I'll say I got a big reward at the end)

22: Yu-Gi-Oh

Well, technically the dragons seen are holograms of cards, but Kaiba has three Blue Eyes White Dragons, Joey has a Red Eyes Black Dragon that he won from Rex Raptor, and also Baby Dragon who can age into Thousand Dragon, and then there is Slifer the Sky Dragon and Winged Dragon of Ra, two Egyptian God Cards, the former of which Yugi wins pretty early in, and the latter of whom is Marik's ultimate card. They and Obelisk the Tormentor eventually merge into the Creator of Light to destroy ultimate antagonist Zorc (and Bakura with him). And there's the three dragons in Season 4, Waking the Dragons. And of course, the Big Five's Mythic Dragon/Five-Headed Dragon (which they themselves become at one point), who was based off Tiamat.

21: Jackie Chan Adventures

The main villain of the first two seasons is the dragon Shendu, who is killed by Jade, returns as a ghost and possesses Valmont, and is eventually revived by Daolon Wong, before he and his son, Drago (also a dragon and main villain of Season 5) are sealed back in Demon World.

20: The Chronicles of Narnia (Disney)

In The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, Eustace is transformed into a dragon, and remains in this form for the rest of the adventure until he is turned back; he pulls the ship with his tail and takes part in the final battle in this form.

19: Shrek

A dragon, later named Dragon, is guarding Princess Fiona at a tower, from which Fiona is rescued by Shrek, but not before Dragon falls in love with Donkey, and she gives Shrek a ride to stop Fiona from marrying Lord Farquaad, the main villain of the film, whom Dragon eats. In an ambiguously canon spinoff, she kills Farquaad's ghost with a blast of flame.

She would be higher, but she is absent from the second film, except in a mid-credits scene where it's revealed she has several babies, dronkeys. In the third film her role is very minor (and the dronkeys more so) as she only appears a few times and is easily subdued by the villains, but at least she kills the film's main villain, Prince Charming, with her tail.

18: The Neverending Story

Falkor, referred to as a Luck Dragon, is an ally to Atreyu and Bastian. Also, in the second film, Bastian conjures a dragon Smerg, but forgets to make it on his side, and it rampages before getting killed by Xayide's tower.

17: Mulan

There is a small dragon named Mushu who goes along with Mulan, although his role is somewhat lesser, but he does at least play his part when he provides the rocket that Cri-Kee, with Mulan's assistance, destroys Shan Yu with. There is also another guardian, the Stone Dragon, who is accidentally destroyed by Mushu while in stone sleep, and we never see him awake.

16: Metroid

Samus's archnemesis is Ridley, an alien dragon with elements of a pterodactyl, but he is classified as a dragon, and sometimes called a space dragon. He appears in many of the games as Samus's main enemy working with the space pirates, including Metroid Prime, in which he is resurrected from his previous defeat as the cyborg Meta Ridley, and in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, he is infused with Phazon to become Omega Ridley, and once defeated by Samus, he is finally destroyed. Though he is absent from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

15: Reign of Fire

The main antagonists are dragons, all female except their leader, the alpha male dragon, who is eventually killed. None of them speak.

14: Zelda

In Skyward Sword, there are three dragons, Water Dragon, Fire Dragon, and Thunder Dragon. Water Dragon helps you out after you heal her, and all three give you part of the final song to get the Triforce. Thunder Dragon also lets you do a boss rush for the Hylian Shield.

In Ocarina of Time, one of the bosses is a Goron-eating dragon named Volvagia, revived by Ganondorf and fought in the Fire Temple, where Link destroys him a second time. He is the fan-favorite boss of this game.

In The Wind Waker, a friendlier dragon, Valoo, who resides on Dragon Roost Island, gives Rito their wings, but is driven mad by Gohma torturing his tail, until Link swings on his tail and kills Gohma. Valoo then helps save Link and Tetra from Ganondorf and burns Ganondorf's cabin with a blast of flame (Ganondorf survives).

In Twilight Princess, a dragon named Argorok is fought as a boss at the City of the Sky. He can be seen circling the boss room in the distance.

And in Breath of the Wild, there are three dragons, Farosh, Dinraal, and Naydra, who occasionally fly by certain areas. You can shoot their scales or horn shards off to either sell, get shrines at their springs (with one scale each), or enhance the Champion's Tunic (with two horns each). Farosh is lightning, Dinraal is fire, and Naydra is ice, but you must first free Naydra from the Malice corrupting it.

13: My Little Pony (G1)

Mainly just one dragon but it's enough: Spike, the baby dragon, is in pretty much every episode. There are some other dragons in another episode, but they're mean, and also Applejack and other ponies are temporarily transformed into dragons by Tirek, the main villain of the pilot episode, and are restored when Tirek is destroyed.

12: Quest for Camelot

Devon and Cornwall, the two-headed dragon, and only speaking dragons among bigger, more hostile dragons. They are the comic relief who take part in Kayley's adventure starting from when she and Garrett enter Dragon Country, they get their own song, they play a major role in saving the day after learning to get along, and they presumably kill the Griffin. This all puts them higher than Mushu.

11: Eragon

Eragon's dragon is Saphira, whom he rides, and who has a connection to him. King Galbatorix's dragon is briefly seen. Though, Saphira looks like a blue dog with feathered wings, but she plays a major part in the fight with Durza and his death, and narrowly survives the film.

10: Raya and the Last Dragon

The secondary protagonist of the film is the water dragon, Sisu, who is literally this movie's only redeeming value to me. She is killed by Namaari, but when the other dragons are revived, they revive Sisu.

9: Digimon Fusion

Shoutmon, the main Digimon (but Mikey is the main protagonist) is a dragon, even if he doesn't look 100% traditional, and is more humanoid in his DigiFused forms where he fights enemies. One of the seven Dark Generals, Dorbickmon, is a dragon, in Dragon Land, where there is a more friendlier dragon, Dracomon, in this land as well.

8: My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Again, it has its own Spike (who has some episodes revolving around him and plays his part in destroying the evil King Sombra). But there are other dragons seen too, like the red dragon based off Smaug who is snoring smoke and the ponies have to convince him to move somewhere else, the cannibalistic green dragon who tries to eat Spike, the mean teenage dragons led by Garble, Princess Ember who becomes new Dragon Lord and ally to the ponies, and, in the cast-aside Seasons 8 and 9, Smolder, who is one of the Young Six who save Equestria from Cozy Glow and, alongside Spike, helps defeat Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow in an Avengers Endgame style battle.

7: Dragonheart

The secondary protagonist of the first film is Draco, a dragon voiced by the late Sean Connery. Sadly, because he gave King Einon part of his heart to make him immortal, and Einon turned out to be the main villain, he has to die to take Einon down. In the sequel, another dragon named Drake is revealed to still be alive (voiced by Robbie Benson, the Beast in Beauty and the Beast). The main villain is also a dragon, Griffin, who gets an awesome death scene while Drake lives on.

I haven't really seen the prequels but I know there is a dragon there (Drago, was it?).

Book: Eragon

The Eragon books that the solitary underwhelming film was based off of have more dragons. First, Saphira looks more dragony and her scales sparkle like sapphires, and the third book's chapter A Matter of Perspective tells it from her point of view. Aside from Galbatorix's dragon, there is Murtagh's red dragon Thorn, the gold dragon Glaedr, and eventually the green dragon hatches at the end (forget his name, only that he is a male coz Saphira is the only female).

6: Cross Ange

Initially, it seems the world is being invaded by dragons, whom Norma (non-magic people, including Ange) are forced to fight for the whole first season. One of Ange's companions, Vivian, is revealed to be a dragon in human form. Once Ange enters the dragons' world, she meets their leader, Sala (who, like all dragons, can turn human), and learns that the dragons are not evil, but are trying to save their leader, Aura, who was kidnapped by Embryo, the main villain and God of the human world, who is draining her energy and manipulated Norma into killing dragons to harvest their energy to power his world as well. The dragons take part in the final battle with Embryo once they and the Norma come to an understanding.

5: The Flight of Dragons

There are four wizards, and each wizard has a dragon. The main wizard Carolinus's dragon, Gorbash, is accidentally possessed by the human protagonist, Peter Dickson, who spends much of the film as this dragon. The evil wizard Ommadon's dragon is Bryagh, who is killed. Solarius's dragon is Lunarian, and Lo Tae Zhao's dragon is Shin Tsu. There is another dragon named Smrgol but he is killed.

4: How to Train Your Dragon

You knew this had to be really high up the list, and the only reason it's in fourth is because the top three have dragons as their main characters.

The Viking town is being attacked by dragons, but main character Hiccup tames a dragon whom he names Toothless, and who can be as cute and playful as a cat. Toothless's tail was damaged by Hiccup so he makes a prosthetic tail fin for him. The rest of the dragons are tamed and it's revealed that they are being forced to work for an evil dragon, Red Death, who serves as main antagonist of the film, and is killed. From here, in the next two films, the dragons take on a protagonistic role as allies and steeds to the Vikings, though none of them speak. Other than Toothless, my favorite dragons here are Astrid's dragon Stormfly and the Light Fury whom Toothless falls in love with in the third film.

3: Spyro

The main character, Spyro, is a dragon. The first game revolves around him releasing other dragons turned to crystal by Gnasty Gnorc, and the third game revolves around him rescuing baby eggs from the Sorceress (but only Spyro really plays a major role, putting this the lowest of the top three). Though for some odd reason, there are no female dragons.

2: The Legend of Spyro

The main character is Spyro the purple dragon. There is also Cynder, initially the main villain of the first game but becomes protagonist alongside him in the third game (and I think the only female dragon in the trilogy). Dragons in a supporting protagonistic role are Ignitus (Gary Oldman), Volteer, Cyril, and Terrador. The main villain of the third game, and overarching antagonist, is Malefor (Mark Hamill), a purple dragon like Spyro (Elijah Wood).

This gets higher than the original Spyro series for having more significant dragon characters, and a second playable dragon. (Granted these games are excessively frustrating, but I'm ranking these based on dragons, not fun)

1: Blazing Dragons

The main character, Flicker, is a dragon. So is his love interest, Princess Flame (who is stronger and more capable than all the knights put together), her father King Allfire, king of Camelhot, his wife Queen Griddle, Griddle's son and Flame's stepbrother Sir Blaze, and other Knights of the Square Table Sir Galahot, Sir Hotbreath, Sir Burnevere, and Sir Loungelot, and two-headed jester Cinder and Clinker, as well as other dragons being inhabitants of Camelhot and other characters of the day such as Duncan and Macbreath. Often Flicker goes on adventures with either Flame or Loungelot, Blaze, and Burnevere (usually the latter three in Season 2, in which Galahot and Hotbreath were written out and Flame's role slowly diminished, which is disappointing because I think she is my favorite dragon of all time).

There are non-dragon characters such as humans and gods (most notable humans being main villain Count Geoffrey and his minions), but this gets the highest of visual media due to a high number of significant dragon characters it revolves around, including the main character.

However, there is a book series that exceeds even this.

Book: Wings of Fire

The definitive dragon book series. It completely revolves around dragons. Their wikia doesn't even have a category "dragons", just "non-dragon characters" and each type of dragon (SkyWing, MudWing, SeaWing, RainWing, NightWing, SandWing, and IceWing). There are so many types of dragons, every speaking character is a dragon, with each book telling it from the perspective of a different main dragon, there are 15 books (though I only read 10 so far), and they often mention stuff to remind you that they are dragons like their wings and tails.

Dragon lovers who read, if you can handle things getting pretty violent (though not much worse than Game of Thrones), these are the perfect books for you! (Book 10 gives closure to everything major, not sure how Book 15 ends)