Western Dragon

Standard Western Dragon

The Standard Western Dragon is one of the more common dragons known around the world. The full-grown Western Dragon is twice the height of an adult human. The closest relatives of the Standard Western Dragon are the European Dragon and the two-legged Wyvern. The dragon can be found in United States, Southern Canada, and in Europe. This dragon loves to hoard gold, and was a very violent type of dragon. Because of its violent behavior the Western Dragon almost died out, but the ones that survived evolved into a calmer type of dragon. The skin for this dragon is rough and scaly and can be a variety of colors. The egg for the Standard Western Dragon can be brown red or green, seeping smoke , very hot to the touch, and also very scaly. The Standard Western Dragon's features are


This type of dragon is very rare and is thought to be deadly and evil, but will fight of bad people from the one who they love. This dragon is different from Oriental dragons (Chinese dragons) and European dragons (Heraldic dragons) as it is two times bigger and is normally seen as a fiery red colour. This symbolises that it breathes fire, meaning that people are warned by it. This dragon is normally found in the western parts of America, and is thought to rise from the sands of Egypt on the 1st of May (the fight of the dragons) and set the desert on fire, killing all the people in boiling hot surroundings. Western dragons are the friendliest of dragons, and are completely harmless. They make fantastic playmates for children.

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