The Whispering Death is a deadly killer because it burrows in the ground and pops out to take its prey. This dragon you find in dark caverns or tunnels mostly because it doesn't like sunlight. Whispering Deaths have 6 rows of rotating teeth that help it chew through rock and dirt and with those teeth to train it just brush it’s teeth. These dragons hold a grudge like no other dragon so if you did something to it, it will remember you! Whispering Deaths can shoot spikes from all over their body similar to the Deadly Nadder. This dragon has a long thin body so they fly in a spiral. These dragons come back to the place they were born so if they’re run out  of their home they’ll come back. Whispering Deaths also have a mutated offspring known as the Screaming Death, which is only born once every 100 years. The Screaming Death is also the only one of it kind when it is born.

Attack: 8

Class: Boulder

Speed: 7

Wingspan: 14 ft

Armor: 7

Weight: 853 lbs

Fire Power: 3

Length: Unknown

Shot limit: 1

Fire Type: Rings of Fire

Venom: 2

Jaw strength: 14

Stealth: 10

Difference between a Screaming Death

  • The Whispering Death is dullish blue and gray, while the Screaming Death is pure white.
  • The Screaming Death seems to be able to withstand sunlight as it chases Hiccup and Toothless in broad daylight, while...
  • The Whispering Death's eyes are white and a little bit red, while the Screaming Death's eyes are fully red.
  • The Whispering Death's teeth are yellow and are different sizes. The canines are twice as big as the other teeth.
    Whispering Death and screaming Death.jpg